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Saturday h3.00pm, h4.30pm Sunday h10.30am e h12.00am

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This activity takes place in the Museo Novecento

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This visit allows you to trace the 20th century backwards, identifying the poets and the artists that have marked its decades, through a highly interdisciplinary vision and with a specific focus on Italy and Florence. From the 1988 Venice Biennale, considered as the first recognition for the young Florentines De Lorenzo, Guaita and Catelani, the path then presents the Seventies and the Sixties’ tensions and ideals – with great works such as the Archizzom and Adolfo Natalini’s Superarchitettura or the Emilio Vedova’s Plurimo –arriving then to the middle years of the Twentieth century, richly represented thanks to the donations of important artists and collectors, included among them Alberto Della Ragione, from whose collection masterpieces of De Chirico, Sironi, Casorati, Depero, Morandi, Martini stand out. In a tangle of painting, sculpture, music, poetry, fashion, cinema and theatre the path brings the public to the beginning of the century, livened up by the first impulses of the international avant-gardes.

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Il biglietto comprende l'ingresso al Museo Novecento (€ 8.50) + visita guidata (€ 4.00).

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