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Visita guidata Cappella Brancacci

    Friday and Monday h 11.15 am; 3.15 pm. Sunday h 3.15 pm

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    participants: 7

    5 Eur ( 2,50 reduced)+ museum ticket

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    For everybody from 10 years old

    Partially accessible

    This activity takes place in the Cappella Brancacci

    Per ulteriori disponibilità di visite guidate e attività giornaliere anche in altre lingue si prega di scrivere a o contattare +39 055 2768224

    What you'll see

    The Brancacci Chapel is located inside the Church of Santa Maria del Carmine, founded during the Thirteenth century by the Carmelitan Order. The frescoes represents the story of Saint Peter painted by Masolino da Panicale and Masaccio, left unfinished in the year 1427 and completed by Filippino Lippi between 1481-83 In this frescos there is a radical break from the medieval pictorial tradition, to the new Renaissance perspectival conception of space. Thus, perspective and light create deep spaces where volumetrically constructed figures move in a strongly human dimension. The guidaed tour lasts 50 minutes and will focus on the Carmelit complex and on the marvellous frescoes inside the Chapel.

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