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  • Museo di Palazzo Vecchio

    Palazzo Vecchio symbolises the city and has been its seat of government for more than seven centuries.
    Don't miss: the ruins of the Roman theatre, the monumental apartments decorated by celebrated 15th and 16th century artists, or the breathtaking view from the battlements and tower.

  • Santa Maria Novella

    The Santa Maria Novella complex includes the basilica and the adjacent civic museum in the former convent.
    Don't miss: Giotto's painted Crucifix, Masaccio's Trinity, Brunelleschi's carved Crucifix or the fresco cycle in the Green Cloister illustrating Stories from Genesis and including Paolo Uccello's celebrated depiction of the Flood.

  • Museo Stefano Bardini

    The museum has faithfully maintained the original layout designed by Stefano Bardini, a celebrated antique dealer who donated his collection to Florence in 1922.
    Don't miss: Tino di Camaino's Charity, Donatello's Madonna of the Apple and Madonna of the Ropemakers, Pollaiolo's St. Michael the Archangel or Guercino's Atlas.

  • Museo Novecento

    The Museo Novecento is dedicated to the Italian art of the 20th and 21st century. It offers a permanent collection and many temporary exhibitions, art installations and special projects. The museum is located in the ancient Spedale of the Leopoldine in Santa Maria Novella Square.

  • Cappella Brancacci

    Situated in the south transept of the Basilica del Carmine, the Brancacci Chapel is famous for its fresco cycle depicting the Stories of St. Peter. Painted by Masolino da Panicale and the young Masaccio, who left it unfinished in 1427, the cycle was completed by Filippino Lippi between 1481 and 1483.

  • Fondazione Salvatore Romano

    The medieval refectory of Santo Spirito has housed the collection donated to the city by antique dealer Salvatore Romano since 1946.
    Don't miss: its sculptures, fragments of architectural decoration and detached frescoes stretching from the Roman era to the 16th century, including works by Tino di Camaino and Donatello.

  • Forte di Belvedere

    One of Florence's two forts, and enjoying a panoramic view of the city, this admirable piece of architecture was designed by Bernardo Buontalenti for Ferdinando I de' Medici in the late 16th century. It became a venue for exhibitions of international contemporary art in 2013.

  • Museo del Bigallo

    This building is a unique testimonial to the history of Florence, not only for its celebrated fresco with the oldest known view of the city but also because it was home to two ancient charities, the "Compagnia della Misericordia" and the "Compagnia del Bigallo".

  • Museo del Ciclismo Gino Bartali

    The museum is situated in Ponte a Ema where the great champion was born and where he began his sporting career. Velocipedes, bicycles, T-shirts, souvenirs, period newspapers, publications and video material come together to recount the history of cycling and the achievements of Gino Bartali and other champions.

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